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We are the Northeast’s first e-commerce startup promoting the culture and diversity of Northeast India over the world. All of our products are inspired from different tribes and cultures of the Northeast. we at vyonika believe in excellence and leaving a social impact.

From western clothes to Traditional dresses we have got everything for you. every product on vyonika tells a story sometimes about the culture that most people don’t know and sometime about your favorite Korean music bands.

The story.

Himanshu Gupta founded Vyonika in November 2019 with the initial goal of promoting sustainability by planting trees for every order placed. Despite facing challenges with this approach, we persevered and pivoted towards promoting the rich culture and diversity of Northeast India. Our journey has not been easy, but with the support of our dedicated team, we were able to expand our product line and conduct extensive research to ensure the highest quality offerings. We worked hard to establish relationships with individuals on the ground in Northeast India, and our passion for both sustainability and cultural exploration drove us forward. We are proud to offer our customers a practical way to support Mother Nature while experiencing the unique cultures of Northeast India through our carefully curated collection.

Vyonika is currently serving customers from all corners of India, and we are delighted to have transformed our passion into a platform that is making a positive impact on society. Initially, our aim with Vyonika was to help preserve the environment. However, after experiencing the rich culture of Northeast India we fell in love with its people and places, we realized the region faced numerous challenges, including a lack of recognition. Many people weren’t aware of the existence of Tripura or Meghalaya and some individuals even considered them to be outside of India. Therefore, we decided to create Vyonika specifically for the Northeast region. We feel thrilled that our vision has become a platform that is making a positive impact on society.

but How.

so as vyonika provides a practical solution for you to helP mother nature and the people of Northeast India. our process is simple when someone buy products from vyonika we and our Team gives some amount from their margin to help the people from Northeast India directly in there education and daily life while our tied up companies like many foundations Sankalptaru and growtrees they help us to utilize the profits by planting trees in different locations of India so that our future generation can take fresh air water and food we also run a Technical school where we teach technical skills to the students from rural areas so that they can secure a good job in society we know these are very small contribution towards society but we believe in Action rather thank words.

meet our team.

Himanshu Gupta

Founder & CEO

Mahi Chakma

Cofounder & manager


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